Benefiet bal prep

Characters Present

Den Dokker, shark mask
To capture Joris and William
To butter up to  Charis
To raise money, both in backroom deals and on the dance floor

Vallixtorix, giant skull mask
To challenge Den Dokker
To retrieve his captured warrior

Seer Agedia, Wolf mask

Roland, herald of Winter, wolf mask (real wolf)
Is here to announce his chief 

Gravin Aleksandra, Monarch butterfly mask
To meet and recruit ex-new dawn members, who escaped scrutiny

Dokter Vanhoutem, Gorilla mask
The countess is his +1

Samantha, Rabit mask
Socialite in her element, here to gather information to deal in later.

Burgemeester De Bakker, Bull mask
To oppose his opponent
Partly lured by his new advisor, the countess

Possible conflicts and actions

Guard at the entrance, check for weapons (Social Conflict)
Guard Aspects: Small-minded bully, "Do not cause a commotion!", A little something on the side never hurts 

Confrontation with De Bakker and Aleksandra
Aleksandra taunts, De Bakker is dissapointed in his son.

Vallixtorix makes his entrance and acts out his scene before leaving

Den Dokker seeks out Charis to parlay and seduce

William or Joris is lured into a backroom, in order to get kidnapped

Backroom deals:
Countess->recruit support for Black Dawn, urges them to visit the now hospital Dr. Guislain
Den Dokker-> election and monetary support

"Dames en heren, het is mijn genoegen om mijn stamhoofd aan te kondigen : de Slachter der beesten, door de noormannen gevreesd als Ymir, de ijsreus, meester van het Gravensteen, hij die Cesar in zijn broek liet pissen van de angst en zijn legioenen belachlijk maakte, de grote Vallixtorix! "




Benefiet bal prep

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