Character Creation

Power level : Up to your waist (7 refresh, 25 skill points, skill cap at great)
Stay at previous template
Katarina -> shapeshifter
Charis -> True believer
Bram -> Red Court infected
William -> Minor Template

Complete reshuffle allowed for skills
New powers, per GM approval
Through a bond with your respective kid, possibility to pick up Channeling of the specific element.
Rebekka is also willing to learn someone Ritual magic


1. Short Overview of the three past years in terms of the outside
outline their bureau/group company
2. Tell about a love won or lost, or friendship strengthened or broken
3. Revisit High Concept and Trouble
4. Tell about a failure or shame you encountered during the last three years. The person to the right then tells you how he/she has helped you overcome it.
5. Revisit supernatural powers
6. Tell about a cool thing you did with your (newfound) powers
7. Revisit other aspects
8. Tell about how you helped the person to the left of you succeed in one of his endeavors
9. Revisit skills

Character Creation

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