Factions and Plots

The Court of Winter

Ambition: To establish a new foothold, under St. Pieters plein
Arcane ritual performed by the Sorceress, using the painting as a focus
Items and markers of powers transported through the catacombs

Ambition: To find a worthy opponent for the chief
Means: Mist raids


Ambition: To make the city mine
Use Dr. Vanhoutem to build an army of ghouls
Break Den Dokker's hold by turning him into a childe
Infiltrate the mayor's inner circle
Assimilate and convert the remnants of the Nieuwe Dageraad, into Dark Dawn

Ambition: To turn the Huntmaster
Force him into dangerous positions

Den Dokker

Ambition: To make this city wholly mine
Running for mayor
Maintain an iron grip on the organized claim
Reclaim the power that is known as Joris

Ambition: An old grudge
Hunt his information network
Kidnap him whenever the opportunity arises

Factions and Plots

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