The first year since the incident was calm. Slowly, life in Ghent began to return to normalcry, as the supernatural incidents slowly faded from memory and the populace convinced themselve it was all just a bad dream. A new mayor and city council was elected and all seemed well. But in the second year since the incident, the the roiling fog came. Grey haze, streaked with crystal blue, heralded by a bitter chill it emerged and rolled through the streets. Within, shadows and specters could be glimpsed. Any who ventured within where never seen again, and over time, few dared to brave the streets at twilight, for it was at that time the mists always appeared.
And as the seasons shifted, Winter lingered as if refusing to let go of its grip. After an unusually hot Autumn, a cool Spring and Summer followed.
And so the proud city once again became haunted, the veil between the normal and supernatural growing ever thinner.
And in these empty streets, hidden from the eyes of many, a war veiled in shadow erupted. It began as a series of seemingly independent assaults and fights, and slowly escalted over the 2nd year. The crime lord known as Den Dokker rose to prominince over this preiod, slowly crushing or converting his rivals until he was a feudal lord in all but name, and his iron grip was felt throughout the city. His ambition however, met a roadblock when a mysterious organization mobilized. It is against these men and women he wages his war, against those who proclaim themselves Dark Dawn. Rumors say it is led by a woman of singular will and beauty, and that its members posses powers beyond mortality.

Amidst this turmoil we find an unlickely band of misfits. Thrown together qgqinst their will three years ago, they survived the previous convergence. Unnoticed by most, but not by all, they could prove to be the instrumental to the city. But will they be its saviours? Or will they be the heralds of Ruin…

Previous season wrapup

Eleanor Walravens and her husband have been officialy accused of corruption and have been imprisoned. Rebekka pulled strings within the White Council to have them put under supernatural watch.

The previous mayor and police commisar, in the wake of the corruption scandal have abdicated.